Product LineupA trial set to try out the basic items

Product Lineup

Trial Set

Trial SetTrial Set

Product Features

For people who would like to try MINON AminoMoist
The One-week Trial Set

  • Moist Milky Cleansing
    [Make-up Remover]
  • Gentle Wash Whip
    [Foam-Type Face Wash]
  • Moist Charge Lotion II Extra Moist-Type
    [Moisturizing Skin Lotion]
  • Moist Charge Milk
    [Moisturizing Milk]
    (Sample of moisturizing milky lotion enough for using twice)

*The ingredient list is written in English.

Make-up Remover 20g Foam-Type Face Wash 25mL
Moisturizing Skin Lotion (ll Moist-Type) 20mL
Moisturizing Milk 0.5g × 2packages

Amount to use

Make-up Remover: amount that spreads to a 2-cm diameter circle
Foam-Type Face Wash: 3-5 squirts
Moisturizing Skin Lotion (ll Moist-Type): amount equal to the size of a 100-yen coin
Moisturizing Milk: Use entire contents of 1 packet