Brand Concept

Advanced beauty, through sensitive skin care

For those with senitive skin that is easily affected by seasonal change

For women with unstable, dry or sensitive skin,
we deliver you with skin care products that add shine to the moisturizing effect.

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For ladies that work hard every day and live busy lives, your skin, also spending those hard days with you, deserve to be treated a little gentler. The moment when the skin has been soothed, your heart should feel at ease also.

Good skin lasts for a lifetime. Everyone ages over time but the key in staying youthful is how you take care of your skin. Your skin condition is proof of how you care for your skin.

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MINON AminoMoist will support you. The pharmaceutical company, dedicated to the care of dry or sensitive skin, pursues the achievement of both healthy and beautiful skin.

Skincare brand developed in response to voices from people with dry or sensitive skin.

Skin care isn't fun anymore.
I feel like it's becoming a burden…

Gentleness alone is not enough!

I want my skin to be better moisturized.

I want a result with "gentle care plus extra beauty effects"


"I want to moisturize my skin properly",
"Gentle to skin is not enough!"

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To address the honest voices of women afflicted with dry or sensitive skin, MINON AminoMoist while adhering to a low irritant formula,

strives to support the dry or sensitive skin to achieve a more smooth-textured, resilient, and radiant “healthy perfect skin”