Product LineupCan be used for rough and dry or stiff skin that concern you.
To a healthier and fresh looking skin.

Product Lineup

Moisturizing Care

Moist Charge Lotion II Extra Moist-TypeProduct Name: MINON AminoMoist MLMaMoisturizing Skin Lotion

Moist Charge Lotion II Extra Moist-TypeMoist Charge Lotion II Extra Moist-Type

Product Features

A creamy texture on your skin that seeps in to give you rich moisture.

  • Softens keratin to prepare the skin’s base to absorb moisture.
  • Adjusts the skin’s texture and makes your skin feel soft and fresh.
  • Recommended for those who like rich texture lotion types but also coupled with good permeability.

*The ingredient list is written in English.

Product Volume: 150mL
Amount enough to last approximately 90 days
Refill Volume: 130mL
Amount enough to last approximately 80 days


Directions for use

1. After washing your face, pump out a suitable amount (3-5 squirts) into your clean palm.
2. Gently spread the foam evenly over the entire face.
*When using for the first time, push down on the pump several times until the contents start coming out.
*When contents are difficult to expel, change the direction of the pump and push down on it several times.

  • Product Contents

    Amount to use: 3-5 squirts

    Amount to use: 3-5 squirts

  • Skin Care Tips

    It is designed to be absorbed through your skin just by simply gently blending the lotion using the palms of your hands. You do not have to forcefully pat it in. Gently apply the lotion to your entire face as if you are trying convey a sense of warmth from the palms of your hands to the entire face. Use the balls of your fingers to apply it, allowing it to soak into your forehead, chin, and around your eyes and mouth, without leaving out any areas where lotion is not applied.
    If you want use cotton, soak the cotton with plenty of lotion. When your skin is sensitive, the fuzzing from the cotton fuzz may cause some irritation.