Product LineupAlthough it is light, it protects well while also having a comfortable texture.

Product Lineup

Protection Care

Moist Barrier CreamProduct Name: MINON AminoMoist MCcMoisturizing Cream

Moist Barrier CreamMoist Barrier Cream

Product Features

This product boasts about its high moisturizing effect that makes fine wrinkles caused by dryness less noticeable.

  • The fine wrinkles caused by dryness are less noticeable. (tested and evaluated for its effectiveness)
  • It supplements oil that tends to be deficient due to skin type or aging, and brings out the natural gloss.
  • And although it protects the skin firmly, it is not too heavy but with a light comforting touch.

*The ingredient list is written in English.

35g: Amount enough to last
approximately 35 days


Directions for use

1. After preparing your skin with toner and lotion, pump out a suitable amount (3-4 squirts) into your clean palm.
2. Gently spread the foam evenly over the entire face.
3. Apply extra layers to areas where you are most concerned about fine wrinkles caused by dryness such as forehead, around eyes and mouth.

  • Product Contents

    Amount to use: 3-4cm

    Amount to use: 3-4cm

  • Skin Care Tips

    It is easy for fine wrinkles to appear around the eyes and the mouth because it dries out easily as well as being used in facial expressions. Hence, wrinkles may form there despite one’s age. Even if you have not yet begun the official aging care, we recommend adding “One more application to your usual care” as soon as possible.
    *About skin care according to one’s age