Product LineupA cream-type cleanser that mixes well with one’s make-up preference and removes even the most stubborn make-up.

Product Lineup

Cleansing Care

Moist Milky CleansingProduct Name:MINON AminoMoist CGaMake-up Remover

Moist Milky CleansingMoist Milky Cleansing

Product Features

Thoroughly removing stubborn make-up and dirt, from pores in the skin and rinses off quick and easy.

  • Cream-type cleanser that is gentle
    on the skin.
  • Removes dirt by lifting dirt off the surface of skin without placing an unnecessary
    burden on it.
  • Easily removes the most stubborn make-up.

*The ingredient list is written in English.

100g: Amount enough to
last approximately 50 days


Directions for use

1. Without wetting your face, take a suitable amount (a circle of approximately 2cm in diameter) on your dry palm.
2. Gently roll it onto your skin using your palms and blend it in with your make-up.
3. After that, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
* Use facial wash after cleansing.
* This does not constitute an oil-free formula.

  • Product Contents

    Amount to use: amount that spreads to a 2cm diameter circle.

    Amount to use: Amount that
    spreads to a 2cm diameter circle.

  • Skin Care Tips

    This product removes dirt adhered to the surface of the skin by lifting it off and wrapping it as amino acid-based cleansing components slip between the skin and make-up. Since the product is less effective when your skin or hands are wet, please use it on your dry face and palms. Instead of forcefully trying to remove mascara that normally requires hot water, please use the product together with lukewarm water.