Product LineupFine mist wraps moisture around the skin softly,
forming a moist veil.

Product Lineup

Moisturizing Care

Amino-Full ShowerProduct Name: MINON AminoMoist ASaMist-Type Lotion

Amino-Full ShowerAmino-Full Shower

Product Features

A mist-type lotion that can be used for daytime moisturizing which can be applied over make-up.

  • Since the moisturizing ingredients are blended together, even if it is a mist-type, it can be absorbed uniformly.
  • Because it is a super-fine mist that spreads as if it is wrapping your face, your make-up won’t get ruined.
  • Using this product before the application of lotion or moisturizing mask, prepares your skin for the products to be used afterward to work better and seep into them.*
    * Into stratum corneum.

*The ingredient list is written in English.

Whenever you become concerned
about your skin 50g/150g


Directions for use

Spray in a circular motion, onto skin from a distance of about 20cm.
*Please do not shake the container or spray the contents downwards. The fog may become unstable and the product may not be usable until the end.

  • Product Contents

    Image of product usage

    Image of product usage

  • Skin Care Tips

    Even if you feel that your skin is oily, the excessive sebum may be coming out due to the excessive drying of the skin. After spraying Amino-Full Shower and try retouching your make-up after using tissue to wipe around your face first, the hold of your foundation make-up will change and it will last longer. In addition, this product is recommended for use as a “temporary connecting moisturizing” agent immediately after taking a bath, since the softening of skin supported by this product, improves permeability.
    * Into stratum corneum.